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If you are looking for a pre-owned, restored or new piano please give a call and arrange a time to visit the piano shop. The shop’s inventory includes a wide variety of sizes, styles and finishes for your consideration. We don’t sell “as-is” pianos, but see to it that each instrument is in its best mechanical condition possible before listing it for sale. Customer satisfaction is a priority and you deserve the very best we have to offer.

Grand Pianos

KAWAI Grand, Model KG-5C (1977)

6ft.8in. length, natural medium walnut with very little wear. Having maintained this instrument for it’s one owner since it was new, I know it very well. It was kept in a well climate controlled home in a good location and not ever played very much. So consequently, it is in as new condition. Keeping it tuned every year has kept it’s pitch stabilized at A-440 and it holds tune very well. The tone quality is very nice… a singing quality with a bell like treble and a big clear sounding lower register. The original matching bench is included.  Must be seen and heard to fully appreciate.  
$8,750 – including local delivery

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