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On this page you will find a number of examples, customer owned pianos and pianos we have restored to resell, which will give you an idea of what we do here at American Piano Factory. Restoring the integrity of each piano is crucial in the process, sometimes making the pianos better than new.
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Perzina T-161 Grand, 5 ft. 3in. In Length, Ebony High Gloss, SOLD

The Perzina grands are world class pianos and pack a lot of punch (of the musical variety) for the price. Some of the features include an Austrian “Picea Excelsa” white spruce soundboard, German engineered and enhanced duplex scale, German “Abel” premium-grade hammers, sand-cast iron plate in rose-gold finish, Austrian polyester and Swiss lacquer,  German “Delignit” premium quality pinblock, German polished strings, and German “Degan” copper wire (bass strings).  Because of the German square tail and string scale design engineering, the T-161 has the resonance of a 6 ft. or larger grand.  It is truly a remarkable piano to be enjoyed for a lifetime. Included also was a deluxe adjustable artist bench.

Everett Art-Case (6’1″) figurative mahogany grand – 1898 – SOLD

Rebuilt and refinished through the winter of 2010/2011, this parlour-size grand is once again in as-new condition and ready to be enjoyed for years to come. New hammers – German made Abel special pressing, shanks & flanges, French damper felt, as well as key bushings and a beautiful new satin ivorine keyboard have provided a feel and tone quality comparable to the fine European pianos of yesteryear. The new string set, nickel tuning pins and German pinblock ensures tuning stability and the best tone colors – after the final tunings were done. A “period” Steinway bench (duet size) from the same era, in excellent condition, has been finished to match and was also included. SOLD

Baldwin Console (43 In.) – SOLD

This is a figurative walnut in very nice condition inside and out (1966). Played very little and in a well climate controlled space, this console Baldwin is very close to as new and has many years of music left in it. A nice matching bench is included.

Steinway Model M Grand, Natural Mahogany – SOLD

Restored with new action parts including German Abel hammers, strings, tuning pins and dampers, plus complete action regulation to give this wonderful instrument the fine touch response which Steinway’s are known for.  The ivory keyboard has been kept, and is quite nice. And the piano’s case and case parts have the original finish which just needed some rubbing out and touching up to bring back the classic mahogany look from yesteryear that it once had.  The singing – almost bell-like – tone quality is very nice for classical and jazz, as well as other styles of playing.  The M, a living room size grand, was Steinway’s most popular model. A new bench was included in the purchase price.

Everett Spinet, Cherry Satin (1982) SOLD

Like new, with original bench, also in excellent condition.   Holds tune well.  A very nice instrument for a student, or anyone who likes to play piano.  It’s always been in a good climate controlled environment which has played a part in it’s current fine condition.  The owner took good care of it routinely (I was his technician for many years) which is equally important for the longevity of any piano. Local delivery was included.

Steinway Console – French Provincial (1966) Walnut SOLD

As a medium walnut (1966), the case design and engineering which went into this console Steinway make for one of the very best pianos ever of its size and it has Steinway’s patented diaphragmatic soundboard and accelerated action. This one in particular was in very fine shape, well cared for and maintained as any quality instrument should be. Its beauty and excellent condition made this one a wonderful piano ready for a loving new home. The original matching bench was included. (local delivery and warranty were included as well)

Mason & Hamlin Art-Case Console (1947) Dark Red/Brown Mahogany – SOLD

A new satin ivorine keyboard and restored action breathed new life into this wonderful console size M & H, and it still has a lot of life left in it.  The original matching bench with an artistic hand made top was included, along with local delivery and warranty.

Schumann Console, Natural Medium Mahogany, (1957) – SOLD

This was a great starter piano for any age piano student. The case had an attractive appearance with it’s fluted legs and the music rest design. The action has had the necessary hammer filing and regulation done and is very responsive with a consistent touch. The original bench with matching fluted legs was included.

Yamaha 46 in. Studio Size – Natural Medium Walnut (1961) – SOLD

In excellent condition and as new once again, this piano was made to last with the care it deserves.   And presently, with careful attention to detail, it’s had all needed to ensure it is in it’s finest shape inside and out.  A precision action regulation,  new rubber wheel casters,  and the matching bench contribute to the integrity of this fine instrument.

Baldwin Acrosonic 36 in. Spinet, Satin Red Mahogany (1956) – SOLD

Regarded as the best of the spinet pianos, the Acrosonic has withstood the test of time very well in their history. This one came from a one owner home where is was cared for routinely through out it’s life, and is still a very nice piano to play on to this day. The original cushioned top bench is included as well as local delivery.

Wagner Console, Polished Natural Mahogany (1992) – SOLD

In quite nice shape, this console size Wagner had mostly been a piece of furniture for quite a while, but is now going to make some music for it’s new loving owner. It will make a great student instrument, with a good feeling action and tone. The original matching bench was included in the sale.

Petrof 48 in. Polished Ebony Upright (1988) – SOLD

A fine quality Czechoslovakian piano maker, Petrof, has been making pianos since 1900, and began importing them to the U.S. in 1985. They have become recognized for their rich classical sound, and their smooth responsive actions. This model is in very nice condition inside and out, holds tune very well, and has been regulated to specifications. A new matching bench was included.

Kimball 42 inch Console, Medium Walnut (1976) – SOLD

In very fine condition inside and out, many years of making music are left in this instrument. The figurative walnut case is quite nice, and has gold and sienna tones throughout. The original matching bench (with pleated cushion top and music compartment) is also included.

Mason & Risch studio size (45 in.) walnut – 1964 – SOLD

The Mason & Risch were a very reputable piano maker for over 80 years, more recognizeable in Canada than the US, as they were made in Toronto between 1890 and 1970. This instrument could be compared to the Baldwin Hamilton – a popular model still found in many schools and church’s today. Having been taken care of, played lightly, and being kept in a climate controlled environment have kept this piano in very good condition. Hammer filing, regulation, and tuning were all that was needed to see it once again in “as new” condition. A new walnut bench and local delivery were included.

Steinway Verdi-Grand 52 inch Upright (1910) – SOLD

The Verdi-Grand was made for many years by Steinway and, after re-engineering their vertical line, were discontinued in the 1940’s. Very popular – they were made to last and still very serviceable today if they were kept in a “good piano environment”. This mahogany model was one such Verdi- Grand and has been refinished and restored, giving it a new lease on life. Its action, soundboard, strings, etc. are in excellent condition and a new set of satin ivorine keytops all help make it the wonderful piano it once used to be again. The original matching bench, also refinished, is included.

Steinway M  – 5ft.7in. – Satin ebony (1926) – SOLD

All operations, including an entire new action, new strings and tuning pins, new keyboard, and a new pinblock have all, meticulously, gone into the restoration of this wonderful parlor size grand from some of the best years for Steinway and Sons, the 1920’s.  A sweet, singing, bell-like tone quality is classic to only these fine quality instruments Steinway became known for.  And the careful regulation with all the new action parts have given this piano a “feel” that is very consistent and responsive, to Steinway specifications.   A new matching duet size bench is included.

Kawai 42 inch Console, Natural Medium Walnut – 1982 SOLD

In very fine condition, this Kawai console has been well cared for and is, virtually, in as new condition inside and out. The well regulated action makes for a great playing experience for a beginner or for a more accomplished kind of player.

Mason & Hamlin Console  – 1947       SOLD

This classic model (1947) from M&H has been newly restored and is once again in excellent condition. It’s fluted / tapered legs are unique to this particular model, the finish is natural medium mahogany and includes the original matching bench  Also, the beautiful bench top was hand made by the original owner, the action restored and regulated, and a new satin ivorine keyboard has been installed as well. Local delivery and warranty included.

Steinert (6ft.1in.) living room size grand – 1924       SOLD

The Steinert company was the first distributor for Steinway & Sons and, because of those ties with Steinway, Steinert were able to copy the design and acoustic engineering of the Steinways of that period in time. This particular Steinert used the specifications for the model A Steinway and is a near replica of it both aesthetically and musically. New action parts, including German Abel hammers and shanks and flanges, a new pinblock, new copper wound bass strings, piano wire, and nickel tuning pins, damper felts (France), as well as all of the finishing materials have gone into the “remaking” of this fine piano from yesteryear. Newly nickel plated pedals and faceplate, along with new rubber-wheel casters and sockets also give the piano some nice touches to add to its integrity. A new matching bench is also included.

Steinway M grand, figurative mahogany – 1916       SOLD

Meticulously rebuilt  & restored to as new condition.  All new action parts, new strings, dampers, and tuning pins all contribute to the integrity and warm singing tone quality of this wonderful instrument.  A piano for the true piano lover, ready to begin  it’s new life of making beautiful music.  A new fine quality duet -size matching bench and local delivery are also included.

Perzina model 122 (2) 48 ” ribbon mahogany and polished walnut (New)       SOLD

Hand crafted with special features including a floating / reverse crown soundboard, individually weighed and calibrated keys, 90 % European components such as the Austrian white spruce soundboard and German Abel hammers …. have all gone into making this (and the other larger model 129) the finest vertical (Larry Fines’ – Piano Book) being made today. Must be seen to fully appreciate.  Please call the piano shop for further information.

Baldwin studio size (44 in.) 1997 medium oak        SOLD

In pristine condition and ready for a new home, this piano has not been played on very often and is as new inside and out. The action, soundboard and all of its components are in very fine condition and the original matching bench is also included. It will be a wonderful instrument to play and hear for years to come, with only periodic tunings required.

 Everett studio (45in.) size, natural mahogany (1975)          SOLD

The Everett pianos were well made instruments from Boston and later from South Haven, Michigan, which were found in many homes, schools and churches. Comparable to the Baldwin studios and if taken care of, they are still very good pianos by today’s standards. This one is in very good condition and has had an action overhaul, including hammer reshaping and complete regulation. It’s also a nice looking medium mahogany with a new matching bench.

Young Chang G-185 Grand – polished ebony – length 6ft.1in. (1978)       SOLD

Kept more as a show-piece since new, this parlour grand is in sparkling condition, has a two-position lid prop, and after having spent a couple weeks with it, is now in as new shape again. The action parts have very little wear and the piano is really ready to begin its “musical life”. If you’re looking for a quality grand for a fraction the cost of a new one, this Young Chang could be the instrument for you. The original matching bench, local delivery and warranty are all included.

Steinway A (1911) 6ft. 1in., natural rosewood       SOLD

A prime example of the piano woodworkers art, this model A was one where Steinway selected only the finest veneers for its case and case parts. Stunning golds and contrasting browns and siennas blend throughout, giving it a warm and beautiful look. Meticulously rebuilt with a new sitka spruce soundboard, genuine Steinway action parts, strings and tuning pins, and a new satin ivorine keyboard, have all contributed to giving this wonderful instrument its exquisite touch and almost bell-like singing tone quality that Steinways around the world have become so well known for. As sparkling new once again, this piano is ready to begin its new life of making music. The original duet size bench (also rosewood) is included, as well. Must be seen.

STEINWAY Grand model M, 5 ft.7 in. natural medium mahogany (1925)       SOLD 

Once again in excellent condition, this fine grand from the “Golden Age of the Piano” era (1910-1930) has new action parts all regulated to Steinway specs. The sitka spruce soundboard is in excellent condition and gives this fine instrument the warm singing tone quality these wonderful pianos are known for. Also, a beautiful set of genuine ivory key tops and ebony sharps (all original) are included. And yes, it holds tune exceptionally well. Matching bench included.

BALDWIN “M” (5 ft. 2 in.) Satin Ebony – 1982       SOLD

This model M Baldwin is in beautiful condition and has been well cared for since it was new. Being in a controlled climate has helped this piano maintain its integrity over the years. The model M baldwin is one of the professional home series (M, R, and L). It has a great action and a very nice tone quality for a piano its size. I’ve seen to the action regulation which is to Baldwin specifications and only the slightest wear to the hammers. $14,000 when new. The original matching bench with brass leg ferrules is also included, as well as the quilted made to order cover. Please call for further information and/ or to arrange a time to visit the shop to see and try out this wonderful living room size grand.

Yamaha U3-H Upright       SOLD 

52 inch, polished ebony (1975) : A well cared for instrument in beautiful condition, this U3 Yamaha has had a light hammer reshaping and complete action regulation which has put it in as new condition. The H models came after the F’s and G’s and were superior in tone quality and action response. It’s when Yamaha had ironed out the problems of their home series uprights and, acoustically, the H’s are better than those that came before.

Mason & Hamlin 42″ Console       SOLD

French Provincial (1964), medium walnut, in very good condition inside and out. The action has been regulated to specs for the finest touch response, and the tone quality is all you would expect from a Mason Hamlin … in other words, very fine quality. The original matching bench, as well as local delivery and warranty, is also included.

Knabe Console       SOLD 

Beautiful medium walnut (1947). This well cared for piano is in very excellent condition after a light hammer reshaping and an action regulation. This particular model Knabe has an especially artistic design and gorgeous walnut veneer with lots of gold and brown tones throughout its case and case parts. It also holds tune very well and has the original matching bench.

Kawai 45″       SOLD

Studio size upright, golden oak (1979) and in beautiful condition. The hammers, action, and keyboard are like new and regulated to specs. A very fine instrument for a student to enjoy practicing with or to compose on. This piano has a very pure tone quality and intonation about it that draws you into wanting to play it. The original matching bench, local delivery, and warranty are included.

Kawai 45″       SOLD

Studio size upright, golden oak (1979) and in beautiful condition. The hammers, action, and keyboard are like new and regulated to specs. A very fine instrument for a student to enjoy practicing with or to compose on. This piano has a very pure tone quality and intonation about it that draws you into wanting to play it. The original matching bench, local delivery, and warranty are included.

Everett       SOLD

Studio size – mahogany – 1974. As an instrument, this piano is in very good condition. The finish has scratches and it is a little rough around the edges but the action, strings, soundboard, and keyboard are all in fine shape. Everett’s were found in many institution settings – schools and churches, as well as homes – because of their longevity and quality (high standards) of manufacturing. An upholstered matching bench and local delivery are included.

Steinway O, 1923 cordovan mahogany       SOLD

5 ft.10 in., spade leg ; newly rebuilt with all new action parts including hammers, shanks and flanges, dampers, and wippens – all regulated to Steinway specs. A new German beechwood pinblock has been installed, and new custom made bass strings, a new set of tenor/treble strings, and nickel tuning pins have been meticulously installed for the very best tone quality and tuning stability for years to come. New polished nickel pedals and faceplate give this wonderful instrument a sparkling aesthetic touch as well. Truly one of the great parlour size grands from the Golden Era of the Piano, the 1920’s, and now in as new condition … all required is an artist to play and enjoy. Why spend $50,000 for a new one when you’ve found one very comparable for less than half the price? Matching duet size bench is included.

Everett 45 in. studio, mahogany (1971)       SOLD

A nice practice piano for a student to grow into. The action is in very good condition and “feels” good – very responsive with a clean set of hammers, complete regulation, and a nice set of keytops. The furniture quality is not “like new”, however this piano is not badly beat up .. just some surface scratches. A solid matching bench with music storage is included.

Steinway model L – 5 ft.11in. in length, ser. #187458 (1917) satin ebony       SOLD

Rebuilt to as new condition, including new hammers, shanks/flanges, and dampers … And, a new pinblock, strings, and nickel tuning pins have all gone into the restoration process. Once again in beautiful condition, the newly nickel plated pedals, a reguilded bronze finished plate, and a new set of double rubber-wheel casters also contribute to the integrity of this fine piano. Really must be seen, played, and heard to fully appreciate all that has gone into it. A new matching bench, as well as local delivery and warranty are also included. Please call for any further information and a time to visit the shop.

Baldwin Hamilton 45″ studio (1982),      SOLD

Natural medium walnut. Excellent condition inside and out … the action has like new hammers, keyboard, all other parts, and is regulated for best touch response. Wonderful instrument for any age student to learn and practice with. The original matching bench is included.

Steinway – Mahogany Console (1952)       SOLD

The Hepplewhite case and case parts, the action, soundboard, and ivory keyboard are all in excellent condition. Steinways’ accelerated action and diaphragmatic soundboard are two of the features which give it the feel and the tone quality these pianos are renowned for. The original matching bench is also included.

Everett – French Provincial console size, 42″ (1971)       SOLD

Natural walnut. The action and hammers are in excellent condition and have been regulated to specs. Voicing was done to bring out the best tone quality across the 88 note scale. Also, a new matching bench (also walnut) is included.

Baldwin – Howard console – medium walnut – (1968)        SOLD

Hammers and action both in excellent condition and regulated to specs. This piano was used little and lightly since new. Great for a student practice instrument, with a lot of life left in it for years to come.

Essex Console – 44 in       SOLD

French Provincial natural cherry satin (2000), A taller than average console at 44″, this beautiful instrument is actually a collaboration of two well established “name” piano manufacturers, Steinway and Young Chang – acoustically designed by Steinway and built by Young Chang. It is a three pedal piano – the middle pedal useful for practicing or playing very softly, plus the traditional soft pedal (left) and sustain (right). The fine craftsmanship which went into the making of this piano is evident at first touch and from the singing tone quality it resonates so well. Not even broke in yet, you could call it new. It even comes with the original matching bench. Local delivery and warranty are included.

Steinway & Sons model 1098       SOLD

Beautiful natural walnut, 47 in. tall upright (1974). Very well cared for and lightly played on, a beautiful instrument with Steinways’ exclusive accelerated action and dia-fragmatic soundboard. The action has been regulated to Steinway specs and included is also a new matching bench and pleated bench cushion.

Steinway 1098 – 47″ upright, ebony gloss – 1962       SOLD

Newly refinished, the gloss ebony case and case parts have restored the aesthetic beauty to this wonderful instrument, and the action is like new and regulated to Steinway specs. A new satin ivorine keyboard provides the feel of genuine ivory and gives the piano a warm natural look to the room where it stands. A new matching bench is included. Must be seen.

Baldwin 6000 series, “Concert Vertical” in satin ebony (52″)       SOLD

The best of all the Baldwin verticals, the 6000 series boasts having a tone quality of a 6 foot grand and a highly responsive action having the “feel” of the best of the European verticals produced during the past 100 + years. A beautifully constructed and remarkable instrument – just like new – for less than 1/3 the price of a new one. Includes original upholstered duet size bench, local delivery, and warranty.

 Perzina G-187BB-B4 Grand       SOLD

Ebony w/Sapeli Pommele wood veneer on fallboard, inside rim, and lid underside – Professional handmade 6’1″, ESQ (European Standard Quality) NEW – Manufactured using 90% European components, following in the footsteps of the great companies like Bosendorfer. Steinway, Bluthner, Bechstein, and Schimmel. Most Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, and Chinese manufactures produce pianos under an assortment of names and sell to a multitude of distributors and dealers with stenciled brand names on the front, often not even including the manufactures name anywhere on the piano. Perzina has chosen not to produce pianos for other factories or distributors. Steinway only makes pianos for Steinway. Perzina only makes pianos for Perzina.

 Baldwin 45″ walnut studio (1983)       SOLD

It has a sparkling new keyboard, a very solid action that has been carefully regulated for best responsiveness, and includes a new matching bench with a nice upholstered top and large music compartment.

 Steinway Model “M” (1927)       SOLD

Beautiful 5 ft. 7 inch, satin walnut, newly rebuilt and refinished, including new action parts, new German pinblock, strings, and nickel tuning pins. The trap work (pedals and faceplate) have new nickel plating and new double rubber wheel casters make the piano easier to roll if changing positions is an issue (without damaging your floor). The new Renner hammers give this wonderful instrument a very consistent singing tone quality across the entire scale, and the new parts – regulated to Steinway specs – are very responsive to the touch. A new matching bench is included, as is local delivery and warranty. Why spend over $40,000 for a new model “M”?

 Yamaha YUA 52″ Professional Artist Upright (1979)     SOLD

Polished ebony – in pristine condition – inside and out – this is the best of the Yamaha vertical line pianos. The case design has several features, including an adjustable extra-long music rest, which gives it its artistic appearance and is suitable for holding a good deal more sheet music than a standard type of rest. The back posts are designed in an “X” pattern for added structural integrity and tuning stability, also. Includes new matching spade leg bench.

 Mason & Hamlin “A”, 5’8″ Satin Ebony (1965)     SOLD

Rebuilt and refinished hand-rubbed ebony. New action parts include Abel hammers (Germany), new set of shanks and flanges, dampers, and satin ivorine key-tops. A new pinblock (Germany) has been fitted and installed to ensure tuning stability for many years, only requiring periodic tunings. Newly restrung with all new piano wire and copper wound bass strings, the tone quality is exceptional singing and consistent across the entire scale. The brass hardware is newly buffed and polished with a coat of protective clear lacquer to keep it looking that way. A new matching duet-size bench is also included.

 Fischer 46″ studio, satin walnut (1965)     SOLD

In very fine condition. One of their upscale verticals, this piano was kept in a good environment and played very little. The finish and action are both nearly as new. Really nice condition with original matching bench (also in very nice condition).

 Kimball Console – (1982) 42″     SOLD

Medium walnut, action regulated to specifications with as new hammers and action parts. The finish is in very nice condition, and nearly like new as well. A new bench is included.

 Wurlitzer Console (1975)     SOLD

Figurative walnut case with as new action and finish. Very fine condition inside and out. The action has been regulated for best responsiveness. Original matching bench, also like new, is included.

 Kawai 46″ Studio     SOLD

Satin medium Walnut stained Oak (1994) Excellent condition inside and out. No wear to action parts. AS NEW, regulated to specs with double rubber wheel casters make it easy to move around without fear of damaging any floor. New bench also included.

Kawai 44″ Walnut Console (1967)     SOLD

Very nice oversize console which, having been played so little in its lifetime, is practically showroom new. The action has been meticulously regulated to specifications and is “as new,” and the polished finish has given this wonderful instrument a striking as new appearance, as well. The original matching bench with fluted legs and brass ferrules is also included.

Baldwin Acrosonic Console (43 in.) 1987  Satin Pecan     SOLD

This fine console, one of Baldwin’s 125th anniversary models, is in very excellent shape, has virtually no wear, and is really in “as new” condition. The original matching bench with cushion as well as local delivery and warranty are included.